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How To Use Feng Shui For Wealth And Good Luck

Feng Shui Tips for Wealth

There are many ways you can use feng shui to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. One simple method is to decorate your home and office with feng shui money cures that appeal to your taste and suit the overall decor.

Start by locating your feng shui money area, and be sure to take very good care of it so that the energy in your space feels fresh and vibrant.

Your Money And Wealth Area

In feng shui, the area connected to your money, or financial prosperity and abundance, is the Southeast area of your home or office. This is the classical, or traditional feng shui school way to define your money area. 

In the Western, or BTB, feng shui school, the money area is the upper left area of your space as viewed from your home’s floor plan.

Feng Shui Wealth Vase

The feng shui wealth vase is one of the oldest feng shui abundance cures. The history of the wealth vase is complex; its making and symbols have numerous deep meanings.

In feng shui applications, the wealth vase is used as an abundance cure to help you attract and strengthen the flow of wealth and prosperity.

Fish Aquarium For Wealth

Feng shui aquariums are beautiful and potent feng shui cures that attract the energy of wealth and abundance. Placed properly and taken care of wisely, they will amplify the energy in any space and attract more wealth Chi. Aquariums are considered auspicious in feng shui because they bring a harmonious combination of several wealth-attracting feng shui factors.

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures. If you are lucky enough to have bamboo growing in your garden, you know how soothing—almost transcendental—the sound of bamboo is. To use the lucky bamboo as a feng shui cure, buy it with a specific number of bamboo stalks.  

Citrine Crystals

Citrine is the most popular feng shui crystal to attract money and wealth. There are many traditional feng shui cures with citrine (or a crystal made to look like citrine)—from red tassels with small citrine wealth vase symbols to citrine pi xiu (pi yao), crystal trees, wu lou (gourds), ingots, and various animal carvings.

Chinese Coins

The most common use of Chinese coins in feng shui is for money. The other popular use of coins in feng shui is for protection and good luck cures. These energies certainly go together. When a person achieves financial stability, she or he also feels more protected and, of course, lucky. 

Wealth Ship

The wealth ship is a popular traditional feng shui money cure because, unlike other Chinese feng shui money cures, such as the money frog, the Laughing Buddha, or Chinese coins, the wealth ship looks great in any space and with any decor.

Fountains Of Wealth

Feng shui fountains come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The uses of fountains in feng shui are many—from health to wealth to just improving the quality of air in your home or office.

Gem Tree

There is a wide variety of feng shui gem trees available, including trees with amethyst, agate, coral, or pearls. Feng shui gem trees containing citrine crystals are often used in for wealth applications.


Keep in mind that attracting wealth and good luck involves more than cures and feng shui symbols. Old feng shui masters affirm that good feng shui alone does not bring you wealth if you do not strive for wealth. Rather, it gives you the necessary support to seek fame and fortune. 

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Live A Brighter, Lighter Life With Feng Shui

When things are heavy, even simple things take a ton of effort.  In darkness, hope is hard to find and inspiration is out of reach.

Challenges are best when solved creatively. Great times are greater when you are in a more luminous frame of mind. Adding more lightness and brightness to life is extremely simple and fun, so it may be disarming to learn how powerful it is when you try it for yourself!  

Here are some of my favorite Feng Shui ways to keep things lighter and brighter. 


Trash, clutter, junk: it’s all physical weight in your space that you do not need. Dumping the trash will make you feel so much more mentally lighter. It can even help you drop extra pounds.  While I take out the trash I often catch myself thinking ” what else can I dump right now from my life that is weighing me down?”  Lot’s of cool ideas have come from taking out the trash.

Back To The Basics

Go to bed earlier, drink more water, exercise a little every day, eat good food. Simple things put solid ground under your feet.  If you do nothing more, even if you live in a tornado of chaos,  these basics will renovate your life force, helping you get and stay grounded.

Try Color Therapy

While we can specifically talk about the feng shui’d best colors for your life, your goals and your psychology, ultimately, color is fun.  If you wear more color, you will feel yourself radiating a new quality of energy. If you decorate with more color, you will have a more full array of stimulus in your environment.  Flowers are a great way to improvise and experiment with color for a week at a time and see what strikes you as the best colors for you right now.

Get Out And Enjoy The Sun

If you can’t actually sit in the sunshine, add more sunshine to your space with full-spectrum light bulbs.

Turn on all of your lights. Do you feel the difference in your energy when they are all lit?  Get a new lamp. Open windows. Get up earlier. Spend more time outside.

Anything Can Be Improved

You have a crappy apartment? It can be better if you even take the time to clean it. Hiring a pro to clean your place deeply just once will transform the space.

My friend hated her bathroom. A deep cleaning, a bunch of  white tulips from the local mart and some lovely things displayed turned the room into a jewelry box of charm and personality.  

Anything can be improved in general. Jobs, communication, friendships, finances, artwork, health… there’s always a way. Start with that premise and you will find your own way.

Alone Time

Solitary space to recharge is where it’s at.

Whether it’s a meditation pillow on your floor or a room of your own to write, paint or read,  a favorite chair by a window or the porch you sit on to zone out: we all need and deserve alone time to indulge in the things that feed our minds and our souls.  


No matter who you are, art can make your life better. Don’t settle. Don’t put stuff that “you think” you should have as art on the walls of your home or office.  

Line your walls with objects and idiom, imagery and crafty goodies that heighten your experience of life.  If you don’t know what that art could possibly be, take yourself to a museum or an art gallery or sit down and paint or doodle for a while.  

You will find your artistic bliss. Blow up family photos. Take pictures with your smartphone and frame them. Look at life through new lenses.

It’s All About Balance

Fire and Water are the elements in feng shui that make things move faster because they are the catalysts of nature.  Some people think that adding lots of fire colors to their home will bring dreams to light faster.  

Giant horse trough fountains full of moving water are thought to make change happen faster.  That’s not always needed, and it is usually not a good thing.  

Too much of anything is no good! Balance is what we all need.  Instead of chasing quick results, move toward balance.

Adding more nature to your life is a way to keep more balance in your space.


Find holistic ways to know yourself better.  Long walks, journals, homeopathic remedies, vacations in nature, unplugging the TV and phone and internet, meditation, yoga, stretching.

Every so often, try a new way to open up the flow of your own Chi Energy.  Some will work, some may not resonate.  


No judgement, no race, no competition, no urgency… lightness and and brightness are all about space, flow and peace.

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Using Fruit Symbolism For Good Feng Shui

In Feng Shui fruits are used as symbols of abundance, prosperity and good luck.

The use of specific fruits in traditional feng shui applications is often dictated by classifications from ancient texts as being specific symbols of longevity, wealth, prosperity, fertility, etc.


One of the most popular feng shui fruit symbols, peach is the symbol of immortality. The peach is also known as a feng shui symbol of love and marriage. It’s also known in feng shui as the fruit of heaven because of its prominence in many ancient Chinese legends about the Immortal Gods. Peach came to be associated with wealth, health, abundance and longevity.


Because the pomegranate is full of juicy seeds, it symbolizes fertility in feng shui, and it is used as a feng shui fertility cure. Pomegranate also symbolizes happiness in the family, as well as good luck for one’s descendants. Feng shui consultants often advise newlywed couples in China to display art with pomegranates to attract good luck and many healthy children.


In feng shui, grapes symbolize the abundance of food, meaning an abundance of material wealth. Grapes came to represent success and abundance coming to one in the near future, or always being in one’s family. Sometimes grapes are also used as a feng shui symbol, or cure for fertility, as well as a cure for turning bad luck into good luck.


Apple has always been associated with peace, good health, and harmony in one’s home. One of the reasons is the fact that in the Chinese language the word for “apple” sounds like the word for “peace.” Color-wise, red apples are considered to be very auspicious, although or course green and golden/yellow apples are also widely used according to their color properties.


The sound of the Chinese word for pineapple is close to the sound of “good luck coming your way,” so the pineapple has become a popular traditional feng shui symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.


The popularity of oranges in the traditional feng shui applications is explained by the refreshing/cleansing odor, as well as the yang quality of the orange color. As a feng shui cure, it is often recommended to have 9 oranges in one’s living room or kitchen for good luck and prosperity. It is believed that citrus fruits can ward off bad luck, this is why oranges, along with tangerines and limes are often used in traditional feng shui applications.


It is best to use/display fresh fruits for their specific energies. However, traditional feng shui schools have developed a variety of products and cures that incorporate the symbolism of fruits—from fruit shaped crystals to various amulets with the representation of specific fruits.

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Feng Shui Or ‘Hygge’?

What Is Hygge?

You can thank Denmark for this year’s most talked-about home lifestyle trend. Think of “hygge” (pronounced “HOO-guh”) as a softer, cozier counterpart to Feng Shui.

Instead of rearranging furniture to find harmony between nature and the environment, hygge is more about embracing life’s simple pleasures, like a steaming cup of coffee, toasty blankets, soft lighting, and nights spent around the dinner table with friends.

Say hello to the Danish concept of living calmly, slowing down, and experiencing the moment. Although it’s primarily considered to be a state of mind, you can embrace hygge by tailoring your home with cozy furnishings and creature comforts.

Hygge is an intrinsic part of Danish culture, centering on the relaxed attitude that is so highly valued in the Scandinavian lifestyle. The word itself is derived from “hugga,” the 16th-century Norwegian term that means “to comfort.”

Comfort And Decor

Go for comfort when choosing furniture and accessories. Opt for inviting decor that encourages hunkering down with a good book—think couches framed by soft blankets and lots of pillows.

“Add lush, furry rugs to make sure you feel hygge down to your toes,” says Brentnie Daggett, a design writer.

Decorate with meaningful found objects. Hygge doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy every cable-knit blanket and cashmere pillow you see. You should also fill your home with objects you love. In fact, the perfect hygge decor could be hiding in your attic: family heirlooms or a knickknack that invokes happy memories of friends or family.

Natural Light

Amp up natural light in common areas. For Danes facing a long winter, hygge involves bringing the fleeting daylight indoors.

Avoid light-blocking curtains or blinds, instead, opt for sheer, white curtains. And when the sun sets, light candles and a crackling fire for an extra dose of hygge. “Candlelight emits the sense of calm that equates to hygge.”

If you don’t have a fireplace, consider springing for a ventless fireplace with a real flame.


Plan evening gatherings with friends and family. Another translation of hygge is “kinship.” Invite your favorite people over for an intimate dinner or a cup of coffee.

Jessica Dowling, head of Wayfair Trade for interior designers, suggests adding artisan touches and tactile dinnerware to your table. She likes hand-poured candles, vintage wine glasses (which are great for serving “glogg,” a Danish mulled wine), and pottery coffee mugs. These sensory extras set the stage for a beautiful dining experience and encourage guests to linger at the table.


Unplug from technology. Hygge is counter to our digital, flat-screen lives. Give yourself permission to tune out and unplug from the stresses of a constantly connected lifestyle by creating at least one screen-free room in your home.


Beyond decor, hygge is about continually gathering with loved ones to bond over a familiar and recurring ritual. Try carving out moments of comfort and calm every day.

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Creating Feng Shui Harmony While You Travel

The key to good Feng Shui in transit is to bring it with you internally! Feng Shui is about creating harmony with the world around you, and there’s no better time to step up your Feng Shui than while you are in transit, on vacation or between places.

Creating a sense of harmony and peace during this time is the key.

Packing Your Feng Shui Travel Kit

Select small, lightweight items that boost, balance and circulate the Chi in any environment.

  • 1 or more round-faceted crystals on strings
  • 4 small angels made of thick paper in the Bagua colors of black, red, purple and green
  • 4 scented tea lights in their own metal cups, or a mister to scent up and clear the area
  • Cleansing incense such as pine or sandalwood
  • Necessary items such as thumb tacks, safety pins, matches, string
  • A multicolored scarf representing the colors of the five elements (white, black, green or blue, yellow and red hues)
  • Smooth stone or natural crystal for grounding energy
  • A touchstone to remind you physically and in every other way of “home,” such as a picture of your loved one or another item from your home.

Using the Bagua

Start at the front entrance to the room and place one crystal in front of a window and place angels in the Health, Wealth, Helpful People and Love areas.

If the room feels especially stagnant, hang a crystal in the center of the room. Set up a place of beauty in the area that you would see as you wake up; use a five-element cloth, incense, candles, angels and fresh flowers when available. Choose items that are light, travel well and are available at a moment’s notice.


When used, these items can transform a room from grim to agreeable. Keeping a sense of home and creating space in our temporary environments allows us to ground, unwind and fully enjoy the fun of traveling stress-free.

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6 Feng Shui Mistakes You’re Making In The Bathroom

There’s an often-overlooked room where, if you’re not careful, good energy (chi) can drain out of your home.

The bathroom is one of the key energy centers in the home, so focusing on this space is important for good Feng Shui.

From the color of your walls to your tiny trash can, you could be unwittingly throwing off your balance in this space. Here are six major ways you’re screwing up your bathroom feng shui.

Leaving Your Toilet Lid Open

Open toilet lids don’t just cause unmitigated grossness. They’re also the biggest drain of positive energy in the home, so be sure to close the lid.

Double Vanities With Two Mirrors

Imagine having a conversation with your partner while brushing your teeth. It’s easier to engage with him or her if the mirror is one solid piece above the sinks. But two distinct mirrors leaves a gap and that leads to bad vibes in the feng shui world.

Two separate mirrors creates a separation between partners, but a single one keeps you connected and communicating.

In fact, any type of faceted or multipiece mirror can affect feng shui.

And, if possible, don’t hang the mirror so that it faces the toilet: “In this position, it will magnify the low vibrations or lower energy in the room.

Keeping The Bathroom Door Open

Chances are good that you close the bathroom door behind you when you finish your business. But this doesn’t just help conceal whatever went down on the porcelain throne; closing the door can also contribute to good feng shui.

Why? Well, first, it’s important to know that bathrooms inherently contain good energy. In the feng shui world, water equates to wealth. And because water is so frequently flowing in bathrooms, that makes this a hot spot for Chi.

But an open bathroom door is similar to an open toilet lid, it gives good chi the opportunity to escape.

There’s a second reason: Many feng shui practitioners say you should never be able to see inside the bathroom from other parts of the house.

Bathrooms that can be seen when you enter the home can lead to digestive issues or having to use the facilities every time you arrive home, or when the toilet can be seen from the bed this drains health.

Exposed Garbage Pails

Garbage also has lower vibrations, so it needs to be covered lest the vibrations seep into adjacent rooms.

You want to make the bathroom space as beautiful as possible and having covered trash assists with this.

No lid for the can? You can always stash it under the sink. But if there’s no room in this spot, place the pail in a corner that’s not immediately visible when you enter the room.

Using Dark Colors

Muddy colors aren’t joyful—and brown is downright depressing. Instead, strive to keep your bathroom tile, paint, and accessories on the lighter, brighter side like white because it’s clean and pure.

Green and blue can also be good from a feng shui perspective, they represent the wood element, which is supported by the water element in this space.

Too Much (Unorganized) Stuff

On the feng shui scale, clutter exists on the same low frequency as garbage so having a big mess can end up blocking good energy.

Clear the counters, corral makeup and toiletries in pretty baskets, and stash everything else under the sink behind closed doors or a pleated piece of fabric, skirted sinks are making a comeback.

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Feng Shui Jewelry: Crafted From Precious Metals With Engravings For Blessings And Protection

Earlier this year, Gifts Less Ordinary a Singapore-based luxury personalised gifts online marketplace announced a first-time collaboration with Master SiewLi, a leading Fengshui and Bazi master in Singapore.

The resultant Matrix Fengshui Blessings was a unique jewellery collection featuring pieces crafted from precious metals and adorned with activated engravings for blessings and protection.

Designed and blessed by Master SiewLi, the jewellery pieces focus on blessings for good fortune, well-being, romance, career success, and harmony.

Each piece also comes with its own handy guide on activating its energy derived from ancient metaphysical traditions and Chinese geomancy.

Whether you are a believer of Fengshui or not, these pieces are still thoughtful gifts with the power to captivate your loved ones with their unique designs.

Trinity-Eyed Series

Each piece from this series features the harmonious trinity of the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Eyes. Available in two popular colours, 925 Silver and Rose Gold, the charms come with adjustment to personal size. Prospective owners can choose from a set with open bangles, snake chain bracelets or braided rope bracelets.

Mystical Wish Cuffs

The inner surfaces of the Mystical Wish Cuffs series are engraved with mantras that bring luck and good fortune, while the outer surface features fortune wheel symbols that lend an alluring aesthetic to its entire design. Available in 990 Pure Silver or Dark Titanium, their minimalist and elegant designs can complement many occasions and outfits.

Romance Series

For those specifically looking for gifts to boost luck in their love lives and or bring about healthy relationships, these romance charms can be considered. Studded with semi-precious stones with inscriptions that help wearers attract compatible partners, the pieces are stunning on their own and draw attention without being flamboyant. The Romance Series jewellery is available in 925 Silver or Rose Gold, and also with the option of a set with open bangles, snake chain bracelets, braided rope bracelets or slim box chain necklaces.

Career Fortune

Each Career Fortune cuff ring features a cut-out pattern of Matrix Fengshui symbols that accelerate and bright forth a growth in career fortune, as well as leadership skills, for its wearer. The rings are intricately designed with fine details that add a refined touch to most outfits, and come in adjustable sizes.

For more information on the Matrix Fengshui Blessings, visit here.

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