Is Displaying Clocks In Your Home Good Or Bad?

Displaying clocks in the house is not bad Feng Shui. Knowing the time and adjusting our pace accordingly is part of the daily routine.

There are some better places than others to display clocks, and there are areas where displaying clocks is not advised, according to The Spruce.

Good feng shui areas to display the clocks are the kitchen, the living room, and/or the home office.

Having a small clock in your child’s room is good feng shui, as it helps them understand the passing of time, and having a small alarm clock in your bedroom is almost a necessity!

Choose a battery-operated alarm clock versus an electric one in order to protect your health, because even the simplest electric alarm clocks will emit high EMF fields that are harmful to your health when you sleep.

Do not display big clocks or several different clocks in your bedroom. The bedroom is the place for absolute relaxation, the place where time “slows down,”.

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