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Positive Affirmations To Boost Your Woosah

You may hear the term positive affirmations, but not fully understand what they are or how to use them. The concept of positive affirmations are words and/or phrases that you can use to bring more positivity and an optimistic outlook to your life.

Each day, you’ll repeat these affirmations to yourself, which will help you remember the many reasons why you choose to maintain a positive attitude.

If you find your mind traveling a negative path, redirect it using positive affirmations phrases like these:

• I am healing

• I am full of love

• I am learning from this experience

• I am grateful for the lessons I’m receiving

• I am strong

• I am grateful for this life

• I have a family who loves me

When writing your own, think about different situations where you’d need to use them. Then create different ones for different situations so you have something to reach for when your thoughts start to spiral. Write them down in a journal or on the notes on your phone.

You’ll want to find words and phrases you identify with, but keep these rules in mind:

• No negatives (e.g., I feel no pain)

• Don’t use the word “want” or any word that implies lack (e.g., I want more money)

• Use words that imply you already have these things, like “I am” or “I have” (e.g., I have more than enough money for everything that matters)

• Feel the words as you say them

• Believe the words as you say them

One of the best things you can get from positive affirmations is the ability to keep things in perspective.


Positive affirmations are also great for increasing energy levels? When you feel more positive and optimistic in life, you’ll naturally have more energy. And you can spread that positive energy around to those close to you.

The power of affirmations can create positive changes in everything from finances, career, relationships to improved self-confidence. These simple statements flood your brain with positive self-talk.

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