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Cope With Infidelity Through Feng Shui

Few things are as painful as a relationship that goes awry. Whether it’s grown cold or there is an interloper, the pain is still hard to cope with.

Strong relationships and marriages are built on mutual affection, friendship and trust. Keeping your relationship secure and strong is sometimes harder than letting it go.

Use these tips to help you if your relationship has been going through turbulent waters. It might be all you need to bring back those loving feelings or save a relationship on the brink.

Strengthen Your Relationship

One of the difficulties in relationships is if the southwest sector is missing. This means love is either absent, or may leave. In this instance, it’s a good idea to make sure that there is something in this corner of your home or living room to activate the love energy, such as a lamp, a love symbol, or a picture of the couple.

Mirror Placement

Whenever mirrors are in the bedroom, it invites intrusion into the relationship. Mirrors should never reflect the bed and are best left out of the bedroom altogether.

Use Crystals In Your Bedroom

When wandering occurs in a relationship, especially if the wanderer is a male, add an amethyst geode tied with a red ribbon and tie it to the foot of the bed.

The geode represents the riches of a faithful relationship and symbolizes the anchoring and faithfulness to keep the man’s eyes from wandering and looking outside the relationship.

Cooking And Your Kitchen

Too often relationships wither when the kitchen grows cold. Be sure to cook frequently and always leave a light on in the kitchen.

Meals and cooking are synonymous with a happy, health family, so keep those home fires burning.

Front Door

Your front door is key to your relationship success. Watch that you don’t have a water feature to the right of the front door (as you look out of the house), or it will attract predatory females to men. A water feature or a mirror opposite the door, will push love or your partner out of the house.


If you have lost your relationship and want your sweetheart to return, add a picture of a bird flying into the house on the left side of the front door (as you face the front door from inside).

Add your sweetheart’s image next to the bird. Make sure it is well lit and that the bird appears to be flying in. You can add a drawing or a photo of a bird here.

Once your love has returned, add a pair of lovebirds such as Mandarin ducks, geese or cranes in the southwest corner of your home or living room to inspire devotion and tender love.


Maintaining a love relationship is something that has to be worked on to keep your love alive and fresh.

Add a phoenix and dragon figurine in the southwest for love luck and to strengthen the woman of the house. Add it to the northwest to strengthen the man of the house, and the east wall to benefit the whole family.


Many times couples stray because the garage is located in either the northwest of southwest corner. This means that the man or woman come and go often. This can cause one to be gone too often to sustain a relationship.

Add an image of a mountain in either direction if your garage is located in either of these corners.


If you’ve had problems with faithfulness and infidelity, feng shui may be able to help. There is no iron-clad cure of infidelity and no guarantee of faithfulness, unless the wandering partner decides to change and wants to remain faithful.

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