Feng Shui

Back To The Basic: Feng Shui For Beginners

If you are interested in Feng Shui you do not need to call in the experts or take classes to get started. There a few basics anyone can do to implement the ‘cures’ around your home.

Feng Shui’s main purpose is to harmonize and create a positive flow of your environment.

To create positive energy flow, aka Chi, around you follow these steps to start enjoying a more peaceful environment.

Bagua Map

Use a Feng Shui map, Bagua, to denote each space of your home and understand what areas represent what part of the flow of energy.


Understand the different ‘cures’, remedies, of Feng Shui to help remove stuck energy.


Crystals are often used to modulate energy, fill in missing spots, and bring sunlight and chi into the home.

Fountains And Water

A good, high-quality fountain can create awesome energy in any space. That, or an aquarium, would be good additions to any home.


Mirrors are the workhorses of feng shui cures since they can activate, circulate, expand, and deflect energy.


You can get a Buddha, lucky bamboo, Fu dogs, dragon statue, or many other talismans that represent good energy.


The use of color and art in your home can strongly affect your home’s feng shui, too.


Keep your home clutter-free. Make the environment inviting, calm, organized, and enjoyable to be in.

Earth And Wood

Decorate your home with as much green as possible as this will create a positive flow of energy. This gives a great look to your home and adds life to the interiors. You can also add more life by bringing home a fish tank.


By making sure that all your furniture faces the door, you ensure that there is always a positive flow of the Chi. This seems pretty scientific too, as it offers you better ventilation, fresh air and a view of who exactly is walking in and out. Make sure that the furniture is aligned in a proper fashion with a set pattern.


Now, not all these cures are do-able. If you want to learn more or have a professional job done there are many professionals and classes all over as this way of decorating becomes more and more sought after.

Most importantly, have fun with the process and do only what works for you.

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