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Feng Shui Your Self-Care For A Healthy Mindset

Even though self-care sounds nice in theory, sometimes life gets in the way before we get a chance to put it into practice.

Taking care of our needs is essential if we want to find fulfillment and excel in the other facets of our lives.

So we’re reprioritizing self-care this year by coming up with simple, doable tasks that help us find inspiration, recharge, and release negative energy on a daily basis.


Download a meditation app or sign up for a guided meditation class. Not only can it help you relax and be more mindful and present.

Studies have also shown that meditation can enhance relationships, increase productivity, relieve pain, improve insomnia, and decrease the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases.


Start listening to an empowering podcast during your daily commute, while you cook, in the shower, or any free moment. We suggest starting with Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and the Good Life Project.


When was the last time you took a bath instead of a shower? Make this one worthwhile with candles, a glass of wine, bath salts, bubbles, and your favorite relaxing playlist.


If waking up is a challenging part of your day, it might be time for a little morning motivation with a mantra. Be sure to use your mantra daily for maximum energetic output and chi.

Family Time

Round up a group of friends and family for a night out. Sometimes just going out and celebrating your friendships with a night of dancing and singing can make you feel more supported and grateful for all that you have.


Is there a trip you’ve been dying to go on but have been putting off the planning? Now’s as good a time as ever to finally plan that dream vacation or adventure. Sometimes traveling is the best form of self-care because it helps you step outside of your life for a moment to gainĀ a fresh perspective.


Whether you’re ready to pamper yourself, set some goals, or discover a new community, these self-care ideas will point you in the right direction to be the best version of yourself.

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