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Feng Shui For A Dog-Friendly Home

Does a calm house equal a calm dog? Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is the Chinese art of enhancing the flow of energy “chi” through your home.

It boosts elements believed to bring on good luck, wealth, health, marriage, and children, while it tamps down negative energies.

Think of it as the Asian version of creating peace in your home. Feng Shui uses five elementsearth, fire, wood, water, and metal to create an environmental balance.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Feng Shui For Pets

It certainly can’t hurt to apply the basics of feng shui for people to your pup’s space. That includes putting her bed against a wall, with a full view of the door. Don’t hang anything above it, including wall art.

Canceling Bad Energy

The first step you should take to canceling bad luck for your dog is to declutter the yard by making it pet proof.

Keep the yard mowed and the bushes trimmed, so your dog and cat have room to run and play. Set up barriers as needed and check any fencing for holes. And do your best to keep the yard free of pet waste.

Dog parents naturally encounter dog toys, accessories, and messes. However, to maximize your dog’s positive influence, reduce pet-related clutter that attracts negative energy:

  • Wash dirty toys and toss the tattered ones.
  • Ensure your dog has access to chew toys to discourage them from chewing household items.
  • Clean up pet messes right away and make sure your space always smells fresh.

Applying Good Feng Shui

Dogs spend much of the day sleeping, so the Feng Shui of their sleeping spot is essential. Dedicate a clean, safe spot in your home for your dog, and consider these Feng Shui tips:

  • Place your dog’s bed against a solid wall away from any doors that could swing open and disturb them.
  • Find bedding that has earth tones like brown, gray, and yellow; this will help stabilize an energetic dog.
  • Make their bed cave-like and cozy.
  • Place area rugs and welcome mats if you have hardwood floors so your dog has a firm grip on the floor.
  • Keep your floor space clear so your dog has enough room to roam comfortably.
  • Incorporate subtle lavender and rosemary scents in your home to promote relaxation.
  • Put their bed away from their water bowl, the bathroom, or the kitchen—the water energy in these areas can disturb their sleep.
  • Avoid placing any heavy objects above or behind your dog’s sleeping area.

Understanding and applying the basics of Feng Shui will keep your home safe and balanced for all your furry friends.

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