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Capture The Power Of The Feng Shui Elements

There are 5 Feng Shui elements and they need to be balanced in order to create a harmonious environment around you.

According to the Chinese philosophy, Chi energy lives in all things and its power resides in two opposite forces: Yin (female) and Yang (male).

These forces need to be perfectly balanced in order to bring earth (yin) and heaven (yang) together in harmony.

But what does this really mean – bring earth and heaven together in harmony? It all have to do with the Chi cycles which are only possible (as life itself) by the interaction of five elements.

In this sense, Chi energy expresses itself through the Feng Shui elements: Fire; Wood; Water; Metal and Earth, in order to maintain life in balance. It’s interesting though that everything in life recreates this same cycles in order to maintain balance.

Feng Shui elements have their own characteristics, as defined bellow and their right placement is defined by the bagua, or the Feng Shui energy map of your home or office.


Feng Shui Fire element is the most powerful of all the elements and it stands for energy, passion, expansion, and transformation.

• Colors: Red, orange and yellow;

• Season: Summer;

• Bagua direction: South.

Into your home, it’s energy  can be represented with candles or warm colors.


Wood element helps you to develop creative energies such as inspiration and motivation. It represents personal growth and purifies and redirects chi.

Into your home, its energy can be represented with plants, trees, or by green objects, for example green pillows.

• Color: Green;

• Season: Spring;

• Bagua direction: East and Southeast.


Feng Shui Water element is related with the flow of money and career prosperity. The Chinese philosophy considers that flowing water helps you release things you no longer need. In the other hand, still water helps you to be calm and offers you the possibility of new beginning with renewed strengths.

Into your home, its energy can be represented with an aquarium, crystals or some artwork of water scenes.

• Color: Blue;

• Season: Winter.

• Bagua direction: North.


Metal element acts as a transmitter, conducting the various energies to different areas. It stimulates mental and intellectual strength, preparing you to be more focus.

Into your home, its energy can be represented with metal frames and any kind of metal objects.

• Colors: White, silver, gray and black;

• Season: Fall;

• Bagua direction: West and Northwest.


Feng Shui Earth element represents permanence, stability and home. This element is solid and gives a sense of security and grounding support.

To strengthen the earth element into your home use thick carpets, antique pottery, and old books, for example.

• Color(s): Brown, beige, sierra and other muted colors;

• Season: End of summer;

• Bagua direction: Center, Northeast, and Southwest.


Chi energy its the life force of nature, live in all things and it’s considered a pure energy. When Chi enters the earth, goes through a cycle of several transformations (through the Feng Shui elements) to manifest itself into the physical. This cycle is:

1. Chi first transforms itself into water as it falls from the heavens.

2. When the transformed Chi meets the earth, it undergoes another transformation as it begins to nourish plant life.

3. The next manifestation of the Chi energy is into plants (wood).

4. Chi transforms once more, this time into fire as the plant or wood feeds it with powerful energy.

5. Out of the fire, chi transforms into ash (earth).

6. The final stage is chi recreating itself into metal. The cycle then repeats itself with metal drawing water from the heavens.


The first cycle created by Chi it’s the creative cycle. Keep in mind that when Chi falls from heaven it creates water that becomes the creator of all life. Without Chi transforming into water, there would be no life.

This creative cycle continues then through the rest of the elements:

• Fire strengthens earth;

• Earth strengthens metal;

• Metal strengthens water;

• Water strengthens wood;

• Wood strengthens fire.

In practical terms, to strengthen the fire energy in any space of your home, you can place elements of wood.


Each element has the ability to destroy the other elements when the creative cycle is out of balance.

• Water controls fire;

• Fire controls metal;

• Metal controls wood;

• Wood controls earth;

• Earth controls water.

In practical terms, when you have an element that is too strong in a certain space of your home you need to control it. For example, if you have extreme fire energy in a sector, you can add water to weaken the fire.


The third Chi cycle is a weakening one. It occurs when Chi can no longer nourish the elements, weakened them. In this cycle, the energy cycle operates in reverse.

• Wood reduces water;

• Water reduces metal;

• Metal reduces earth;

• Earth reduces fire;

• Fire reduces wood.


In practical terms, you can use the the energy of this cycle to calm the impact of an element. For example, if you have too much earth in a space of your home and need to calm this energy without overcoming it, you can add elements of metal.

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