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Tips For A Relaxing Feng Shui Bathroom

We love the spa retreat experience, especially when we can recreate it at home.

Creating a relaxing vibe in your bathroom is about more than just candles and a fluffy robe. You can also embrace the soothing energy of Feng Shui with your favorite decorating style and color palette.

Using these simple principals is an easy and beautiful way to create a soothing feng shui bathroom retreat.

Choose The Right Color Scheme

The simplest way to decorate your bathroom with feng shui principals is through balance, especially through color.

Your goal in choosing the right bathroom colors is to balance the strong water elements with warm hues and wood accents. Blue and green can be a part of your beautiful color palette, but you’ll want to mix it up with natural accessories and colors.

Declutter And Simplify

It’s hard to be relaxed when we’re faced with clutter. For a small room, like a bathroom, clutter is an even bigger problem.

Feng shui is all about energy, or Chi. The movement of energy can get trapped in pockets of clutter, making your bathroom a place to escape from, not to.

Start by tackling bathroom counter clutter. In our rush to get ready each morning, we stop seeing the clutter we leave behind every day.

By using drawer organizers and pretty storage on top of the counter, you can hide the clutter that creates stress as you begin your day.

Assess your storage needs and make clearing the counter a priority. Also reassess your bathroom trash can. If it it seems to overflow faster than you can empty it, you might need to upgrade. This is a big source of clutter stress in the bathroom.

Update Your Bathroom Lights

Bathroom lighting is almost as important to feng shui as your color palette. How your colors (and you) appear in your bathroom can make or break your morning.

The quickest way to change your bathroom lighting is through your light bulbs. Make sure that your light bulbs are right for your bathroom by experimenting with warm, daylight and soft lightbulbs, until you get the perfect look.

Choose The Right Bathroom Linens

The softest linens are a must in your feng shui bathroom retreat. Fluffy towels and robes invite you to linger and let go of stress at the end of the day. White or neutral gray and beige are the perfect colors for bathroom linens because it encourages you to be creative with your color scheme.

Add Soothing Scents

Like the perfect spa experience, the scents you choose for your bathroom are an important part of your feng shui transformation. The elements of a retreat bathroom should engage all of your senses, and choosing natural scents is an authentic way to bring them all together.


As you know, water is the element that cleanses, relaxes and purifies,  so combining it with the right feng shui elements and materials will create a soothing space for you.

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