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3 Feng Shui Rules That Will Boost Your Bedroom

Feng Shui, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, feng shui looks to balance the energies in a physical space for ultimate wellbeing. And even if you’re a non-believer, its principles can seriously upgrade your home.

The bedroom is where you regain energy, one of the precise qualities that feng shui refines. Here are three ways to feng shui your resting spot, whether you’re into that kind of thing or not.

Get Rid Of The TV.: TVs — and all electronics, for that matter emit positive ions, which are said to drain energy from the body. Even if that doesn’t concern you, consider the impact a screen has on your relationship with yourself and your significant other. The bedroom is a space for you, your rest and your partner. A TV doesn’t help those relationships.

Don’t Let A Mirror Face Your Bed: You should never be able to see yourself in a mirror while you’re in bed. When you see a human image in the mirror, you’re inviting another person into your relationship, whether that’s your relationship with yourself or with your partner.

Move Your Bed Away From The Window: Feng shui is strict on the rule that your head should never be under a window while sleeping. Your mind and body need support as they rest. Position your bed against a solid wall with no doors on either side. Oh, and don’t point your feet toward the door. Traditionally, the dead are carried out feet-first, and nobody wants those vibes.

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