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Bust Through Negative Energy With Sea Salt

Feng Shui can amplify the good vibes in your space by first clearing out the bad ones.

There are hundreds of ways to bust through stagnant, negative energy, with salt being one of them. Here are some ways to use this ordinary ingredient for some extraordinary results.

Fill (and empty) A Bowl: Throughout history, cultures have used salt for blessing, protection, and good luck. Place a bowl of sea salt wherever the energy of a home feels low for 24 hours. Then, toss the salt out by adding water and letting it all flow down a drain.

Put It In Your Water: Sea salt hydrates your cells and is thought to be a mood lifter, antihistamine, and even sleep remedy for some. The legendary Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj has devoted his life to exploring salt and water as a holistic remedy. His “salt cure” involves drinking half one’s body weight in ounces of pure water a day, adding ΒΌ tsp. natural sea salt for every 1 liter (about 34 ounces).

Salt Lamps: Pink salt lamps should be a staple in every home. As you light your lamp, the heated salt releases negative ions that shower your environment with positivity. If you want to maximize the beneficial, calming effects of salt lamps, turn on your bedroom lamps a few hours before bed.

Place Crystals In Salt: A good salt soak is an effective way to clear your crystals of negative energy. However, some crystals can get damaged in the salt so be sure to do a quick Google search before you bathe yours. Pop your quartz or amethyst in a small bowl of salt and let them sit for a few hours. You can also bury gemstone jewelry and metal rings in salt when you feel they need an energetic boost!

Bath In Salt: Epsom salt baths are a mainstay in the detox world. The magnesium in the salt is thought to help ease anxiety, soothe sore muscles, and combat insomnia. Plus, it can help you shake off any negative feelings. Run a hot bath and add in a cup of Epsom salt and a cup of sea salt. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Start to drain the bath while you are still in the tub, envisioning all of the heavy energy of the day heading down the drain too, far away from you.

Of course, you can always swim in the sea to completely reinvigorate your energy if you are fortunate enough to have one nearby, but everyone can harness the power of salt to create freshness and super positive vibes.

Have fun experimenting to find what makes your space feel the lightest and brightest!

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