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Feng Shui And Your Health

“According to the Chinese history of feng shui, there is a strong relationship between your health and the quality of energy in your home or office.”

For those who may not know, feng means wind and shui means water. Feng shui is a system of laws that govern arrangement, orientation and energy flow, and in Chinese, is it used to guide spatial design.

It is believed that good feng shui can improve your health and well-being. According to the Chinese history of feng shui, there is a strong relationship between your health and the quality of energy in your home or office.

It’s important to keep the flow of energy in mind as you redecorate, rearrange, or redesign any space in which you spend time.

Air Purifying Plants

The Aloe Vera Plant: easy to maintain, loves the sun, also duals as a healing plant for wounds and cuts.Gerber daisy: brings color to the area, also loves the sunlight, Red-edge dracaena: the colorful shrub has red edges that help bring color to the greenery, Azaleas: a flowering shrub, perfect to improve air quality in basement environments.

Decor And Bright And Colors

While flowers will bring color to your office, a brown cubicle can be enhanced with: Artwork, Family photos, Colorful ink pens. Colors will nourish your energy and improve your mental well-being, thus bringing about a brighter mood.


Similar to an office, the bathroom isn’t always a relaxing getaway. It can be dirty or lacking color, but creating a spa-like feel in your bathroom is an easy way to balance your energy and revitalize your health.

Declutter: Clean the area and free it of clutter. Add some scents, ones that are relaxing or soothing, and include an aromatherapy diffuser


In the bedroom, where we allegedly spend one-third of our lives, you’ll want to focus on good health and positive energy here for yourself and intimate relationships: Things like natural lighting, good airflow, Not storing things under the bed, Keeping clothing organized are a part of relieving stress at home. The kicker is maintaining the cleanliness.


The consistency of these little steps will create a harmonious home environment that refreshes each time you go through the daily process.

Balancing your health with feng shui at home can easily transfer to your office space; so whether at work or home with your family, you’re breathing in quality air in a colorful setting in the name of health and wellness.

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