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Benefits Of Using CHARCOAL

Even if you haven’t made activated charcoal a part of your diet or beauty regimen yet, you’ve probably seen it popping up as an ingredient in skincare products at your favorite beauty retailer, or even in juice form at your go-to health food store.

Although this fine, natural, odorless black powder has become mainstream in recent years, it’s long been used in emergency rooms to treat overdoses because of its detoxifying abilities. But there are many other uses of charcoal that can benefit everyone, from reducing bloating to whitening teeth and helping with acne.


Because charcoal has toxin-clearing properties, it may help delay the rate at which toxins affect your brain function as you age. This study found that giving activated charcoal to mice increased their lifespan and slowed down the onset of age-related structural changes in their organs and tissues.


Charcoal has numerous body benefits, including alleviating stomach aches and improving heart health. In a clinical trial, activated charcoal significantly reduced gas, bloating, and abdominal cramps. It has even been shown to lower cholesterol levels.


Micro-particles such as dirt, chemicals, bacteria, and other toxins can seep deep beneath the surface of your skin. Charcoal can help bring these pore-clogging particles to the surface, making them easier to remove, which can lead to cleaner skin, smaller pores, and fewer breakouts. It can also help whiten teeth, thanks to its ability to bind to plaque and other teeth-staining compounds.

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